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Day 2

Today I did some reading in my new book that my kids got me for Christmas.

I hope that all of this cross training will help me stay injury free this year.  

What sucked was that I lost track of time reading and missed my chance to sneak off to the gym for a bit.  I will go tomorrow I promise.

I did manage to do Day 2 of my 30 day workout plans so it wasn’t a total loss.



Now that I had my confirmation appointment with the doctor about my broken leg I told my boss what was going on.  I am now on light (boring computer stuff) for the next 4 weeks.  Ugh I miss being outside in the sunshine already.  No more 10,000 steps a day at work.  I am so frustrated and having a hard time keeping my spirits up.  It sucks watching others walk around and have fun when I am stuck in a stupid boot.  I have learned my lesson about over training so leg heal quick please.

My end table is overflowing with crap that I just don’t have the energy to deal with.  I think that I should tackle my large stack of books that need to be read first lol.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Intellectual activity is as important to a long and happy life as remaining physically fit and active.  Continuing to learn provides new knowledge, promotes intellectual stimulation, and increases satisfaction.  It can also boost your enjoyment of life, your self-confidence and your ability to cope with everyday challenges.
*   Take up a new hobby that requires new skills and learning.

*   Go back to school or enroll in a class: it’s never too late to continue your education with a university degree or master’s course.

*   Rather that a fictional film, watch a documentary.

Weight:  124.1 (-1.1)

Calories: 1,360

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 27 hopefully

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I have been flakey and depressed the last couple of days because of my ankle injury.  I went in again yesterday and got the boot.

Yup now I have a MRI on Saturday and a follow up with an ankle specialist on Wednesday.  I hope that I can get some answers because I am miserable.  I just want to get out and run.  I will soon I hope.

So to pass my time I am doing some reading.  Right now it is the Complete Book of Women’s Running by Dagny Scott Barrios.

Because I can’t run I want to read about running and injury prevention.

I also decided to try to live happier, helthier, and smarter so I am going to try to post a tip, idea, or meditation on that subject every day.  Today I am going to use is:


Open communication is vitally important to any relationship.  By acknowledging and communicating your feelings, you can neutralize negative emotions and limit the stress that comes with those feelings.

When speaking our minds honestly and openly, we are able to deal directly with the problems that are bothering us.  Once something has been acknowledged, even if just by you, the problem sometimes seems to fade away or lose its former importance.  Bottling your feelings puts you at risk of exploding later on, and it can have a direct effect on the people around you.  If you decide to hold a grudge or give someone the silent treatment, you may be inadvertently causing hurt or breeding more conflict.

If you are finding it particularly difficult to voice your feelings, remember these points:

*   Do not be afraid of how others may react.  Remember that your opinions and feelings are just as important as everyone else’s.

*   Think rationally about what you want to say and communicate your feelings clearly and respectfully.  People usually don’t react well to being yelled at; it can make them feel hurt or defensive.

*   Try to keep a calm state of mind when explaining why something is bothering you.  If the other person you’re speaking to values your feelings, they will most likely listen.

Weight: 122.1 (-3.1)

Calories: 1,505

Run streak: 0 days

Next race: Minneapolis Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17

May 24th training run

Week 7 day 2 complete.  G and I basically ran the same pace as yesterday.  We went 3.31 miles in 35:09.

We are getting stronger and faster every day.

I have been following closely the news about Bubble Run Minneapolis which was supposed to be our next race.  The race was scheduled for June 11th and now they have postponed it to July 30th.  There are 1700 people already registered for this and now they change the date.  I am going to have very upset kids when I tell them that we might not be able to make the race due to scheduling conflicts.

I am now scrambling to find another race to do in June to keep my year streak of races alive.  Any suggestions?

Weight: 124.1 (+0.2)

Calories: 1,520

Run streak: 20 days

Next race: sometime in June

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 23rd training run

G and I had an awesome run today.  We did week 7 day 1 of the couch to 10K training program.  Today was walk for 5 minutes, run 25 minutes, walk for 5 minutes.

We rocked that run 3.31 miles in 35:12.  The 2 full miles we ran were under 9:10 minute miles.  With walking 10 minutes we still had an average mile pace of 10:37.  G and I are thrilled with our progress.

It was the perfect time and temp for a run and I hope that tomorrow will be even better.

Weight: 123.9 (-3.4)

Calories: 2,055 (Pizza Ranch dinner)

Run streak: 19 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 22nd training run

Today G and I did week 6 day 3 of our couch to 10K training.  This one was run for 22 minutes.  I thought it was rather easy but G found it very challenging.  We ended up with 2.75 miles in 32:13.

I am not sure what is going on with him but he was at around a 9:30 minute mile at our last 5K less than a month ago and now he is struggling to get a 10:40 minute mile.  We are going to keep training and doing our best and hope that it works its self out soon.

After dinner the 5 of us went for a family walk to spend some time together.  We walked for around a mile so not too long of a walk.

G and Z had to have their picture taken on the big rock they found.

Calories: 1,285

Weight: 127.3 (+1.6)

Run streak: 18 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 21st training run

It was another cold and rainy day here today.  So we sat around the house watching movie half the day.

Ok so we took Z to the Boy Scout fundraiser breakfast at the airport today.

She thought that every plane was Dusty Crophopper from Disney’s Planes lol.

All she kept saying was mom mom mom take my picture with Dusty Crophopper lol.

So this afternoon the rain finally let up and I got out for my run by myself.  I did run 1.25 miles; then walk .25, run 1 mile until I got to 6.25 miles.  I made that 6.25 miles in 1:03:30.  I did my first mile in 8:37 which for me was fast.

I also signed up for 3 more races one in October, one in November, and one in December.  Now I just have to find one in September to make my goal of one race a month for a year.

Weight: 125.7 (+1.6)

Calories: 1,421

Run streak: 17 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 20th training run

G is at his dad’s house this weekend so I am missing my running buddy today.  It is also cold and rainy out so I did my run on the track at the gym.
It is a small track as in 16 laps to a mile small.  I did 50 laps for a 5k in 31:54.  I am not sure how accurate their measurements are because I normally run faster than that but whatever I count it anyway.

I did play with my Stride a little today because I was getting bored with my run.

I was consciously trying to pick my feet up faster and higher.  I noticed that I seemed to be running faster but I didn’t realize that I was going that much faster.

Weight: 124.1 (+0.0)

Calories: 2,250

Run streak: 14 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 19th training run

Week 6 day 2 is done and G and I went 2.92 miles in that 33:17 run.

G is at his dad’s house for the weekend so I figure I will put the training program on hold until he gets home to do it with me.  I still plan to run just not go farther on the couch to 10K program.

Weight: 124.1 (+0.7)

Calories: 1,710

Run streak: 15 days

Next race: Bubble Run to 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

May 18th training run

Today G and I did week 6 day 1 of the couch to 10K training from Zen Labs.

We went 3.02 miles in 34:15.  We could see where the 5k line was but we just didn’t make it.  Today’s run was walk 5 min, run 5 min, walk 3 min, run 8 min, walk 3 min, run 5 min, walk 5 min.  

Even with all that walking we still had 1 mile under 10 min and averaged a 11:20 minute mile.  We are very happy with our progress.

Weight: 123.4 (-0.9)

Calories: 1,742

Run streak: 14 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method