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Birthday run

Today I celebrated my 36th birthday.  To start the day right I woke up both boys early to go for a 3.6 mile run.

Yup you are reading that right we started our run at 6:23 am.  It was worth it to see the sun rising over the Mississippi.

It was beautiful.  What made it even better was seeing it with 2 of my 3 children while doing something that all 3 of us love to do.

So here we are getting ready to make the walk home from our run.

We did a ton of other walking/hiking today.  It was 2 miles to get home from our run.  Then after showers D and Z joined us for another 2 miles.  After lunch we took another mile long walk.  To end the madness G and I went for another 2.25 mile walk just the two of us.  I am exhausted but had a blast being active with my family on my birthday.

Weight: 121.0 (+0.2)

Calories: 2,390

Run streak: 86 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 18th training run

Today I took the day off of work so I could take the kids to the eye doctor this afternoon.  What did I do with the whole morning free?  I dropped Z off at daycare and G rode his bike while I ran.

I ran 3.5 miles to celebrate my last day being 35.  Yup tomorrow is my 36th birthday and I plan to run 3.6 miles to celebrate.  This also makes 1 year of running for me.

After we got home G and I started painting his model.

We never did get any building done but we did get some of the parts painted so we will be ready to build next time.

We also had eye doctor appointments today.  K and G both still need glasses but their prescriptions didn’t change much and Z so far still doesn’t need glasses.

Then it was back to school haircuts but I will make you wait to see those until our run selfie tomorrow.

Weight: 120.8 (+0.4)

Calories: 1,970

Run streak: 85 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 17th training run

Today G and I decided to try week 8 day 1 of the couch to 10k trainer.  This one was a 10 minute run and a 1 minute walk repeated 4 times.  What is even better is that we did it!

We had a total of 4.56 miles in 54:12.  G is on a super runners high because he did it lol.  Tomorrow I have the day off so G and I hope to get out for an early run when it is much cooler out.

Weight: 120.4 (-0.9)

Calories: 1,710

Run streak: 84 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 16th training run

Today’s run was awesome!  I figured out how to set a virtual pacer on my Garmin.  I set that pacer for a 9:30 mile because lately I have been closer to a 9:45 mile but, I beat the pacer!

I actually got a personal best mile of 8:46!  My previous best mile was 9:11 so I didn’t just beat it I crushed it.  I had to cut my run short at 20 minutes to make it on time to the cross country parents meeting but I went 2.18 miles in that 20:02.

Unfortunatly with a 5:30 meeting at the school we got McDonald’s drive thru for dinner.  I try to eat healthy but sometimes there just isn’t time to do so.  Tomorrow is back to eating at home and attempting to be healthy.

Weight: 121.3 (-0.6)

Calories: 1,654

Run streak: 83 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 15th training run

Today G and I tried week 8 day 1 of the couch to 10k trainer.  I think that we need to try it again tomorrow because G didn’t make it.  He made it 3 of the 10 minute runs but not the 4th.  I made all of it for a total of 4.73 miles on 54:13.

It was tons of fun running in circles around the park but so worth it.

Weight: 121.9

Calories: 1,730

Run streak: 82 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 14th training run

Today K started cross country so he already ran today.  G was at a friends house and crashed his bike so he was too sore to run today.

So I ran alone and it was awesome.  I cut down to 2 walking brakes which were 0.05 miles each.  I made my 3.15 miles in 29:56.  So even with walking I still did better than 30 minutes!

I wonder if it was that every time I wanted to give up I looked down at my shoes and saw my souvineer timing chip from me and G’s race last weekend.  We ran the whole race with no walking so I knew that I could do it.

Weight: 124.1 (+1.7)

Calories: 1,490

Run streak: 81 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 13th training run

Today was a beautiful day for a run.  G and I went for a mile run and a 4 mile walk today.

We walked down to the river and ran a mile along the pier and walked home.  We did our mile in 9:44 so not too bad the day after a race.

We even got to see a train while we were out so that was exciting.

We spent the rest of the day being lazy and collecting the things on all 3 kids school supply lists.  I dread the back to school crap but enjoy them being gone all day at school lol.

Weight: 122.4 (+1.1)

Calories: 1,847

Run streak: 80 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

Gopher to Badger 5k

G and I ran the Gopher to Badger 5k today.  We both actually ran the whole thing with no stopping.

We were both very happy with our time of 30:40.  It was cool to run in 2 states in 1 race.  So G and I can now say that we have run races in 2 states so only 48 more to go lol.

To add to the steps of the day we went to the county fair after it all to eat like pigs and get a bunch of free carp that we don’t need lol.

Weight: 121.3 (+1.4)

Calories: 1,980

Run streak: 79 days

Next race: Bounce and Not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 11th training run

Tomorrow G and I are running the Gopher to Badger Border Battle 5k so today we ran intervals to shake out our nerves.

We ran/walked a total of 1.55 miles in 21:12.  We weren’t going for speed or distance so time is a non issue.  It was nice hanging out with G and chatting while we were walking and encouraging on our running.

K once again ran on his own without us but says that he did just over a 5k but I didn’t catch his time.  He says that he is ready to start cross country. 

Weight: 119.9 (-0.3)

Calories: 2,167

Run streak: 78 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger Border Battle 5k 8/12/17

August 10th training run

Today I registered K for Cross Country running.  He has been pestering me to do it for a few days now so I finally did it.  He ran 5 miles today to celebrate getting signed up.

G and I just did our normal 5k.  We separated for our run and made up our own intervals as we went along.  I finished my 3.15 miles in 30:47.  G finished in well…he forgot to stop his timer so we will never know.

With football cancelled today due to the rain we made it to Gopher to Badger packet pick up.

This is one of the better race packets that I have gotten.  It included a shirt, bib, timing chip that you keep as a souvineer, socks, and vitamin samples.  The race is on Saturday and G and I are ready to go.

Weight: 120.2 (-0.4)

Calories: 1,820

Run streak: 77 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger 5k 8/12/17