May 20th training run

G is at his dad’s house this weekend so I am missing my running buddy today.  It is also cold and rainy out so I did my run on the track at the gym.
It is a small track as in 16 laps to a mile small.  I did 50 laps for a 5k in 31:54.  I am not sure how accurate their measurements are because I normally run faster than that but whatever I count it anyway.

I did play with my Stride a little today because I was getting bored with my run.

I was consciously trying to pick my feet up faster and higher.  I noticed that I seemed to be running faster but I didn’t realize that I was going that much faster.

Weight: 124.1 (+0.0)

Calories: 2,250

Run streak: 14 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method


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