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New Year

As I sit here celebrating the new year with my 4 year old daughter I am reflecting on what I have accomplished in the last year.

I started out the year weighing in at 129.2 and today one year later I weighed in at 127.0 so a 2.2 pound loss.  I was down to around 120 or so until I broke my leg and my fitness got sidetracked.  I am just going to stick with I maintained the weight loss for a year so far.

My goal for the year beyond maintaining the weight loss was to run 1017 K for the year in the Map My Run challenge group.

I made it more that that coming in at 1627 K which is 1010.97 miles.  I hope to make that into 2000 K for 2018.

Also in 2017 I had my first ever broken bone, ran my first 10 K race, and signed up for my first 10 mile race to be run in 2018.  

I have many things to be proud of this year as well as some regrets.  I have learned that I need to cross train and not just run as my only form of fitness.  I have learned that streaking can be a bad thing and I was running way too much at the cost of my body and my family.

I plan to run no more than 3 days a week a week and cross train or strength train 3 days a week and having 1 day a week as an all around rest day.  I am not sure how long this will last but it is my starting plan to be tweaked as I love along with my fitness journey.



Today I went into work early so I could get things accomplished and it was chilly when I left.  After work it was a perfect 69°F and I wanted to go for a run so bad.  O had conferences for 2 kids today so running was put even if I didn’t have the broken ankle.

Conferences went awesome for both kids.  I am so proud of all my children. 

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


All of us have items that we’ve kept in our lives for their sentimental value, items that were given to us at some point and were once of use or things that have simply managed to avoid all the usual clear-outs and have lain gathering dust for years.  Donating to your local second-hand stores provides an excellent excuse to clear out your wardr3while contributing to a good cause.  Whether it’s that top you once loved, or that book that you obsessed over during your teens, it’s nice to think that someone else can get the same joy again from that item.  Not only are you helping yourself to move forward and organize your life, but others along the way can gain something from your actions, too.

Weight: 125.9 (-0.4)

Calories: 1,860

Time left in boot: 7 days 18 hours 17 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Some days I wonder why I am even keeping this blog going.  I mean I call myself Psycho Runner Girl yet I haven’t even ran for 3 weeks.  I am so tired of this boot it is not even funny.  I figure I will reconsider getting rid of the blog after I recover until then you still get to put up with me.

Today feels like boot day 400 but it has only been 3 weeks.  Tomorrow I am going to punish myself by going to watch K at his cross country meet.  It is hardest for me to see others out running when I can’t.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Nowdays, acupuncture is increasingly recommended as a complementary therapy by professionals trained in Western medicine.

The principle of acupuncture is that when needles are inserted into specific points on the body it stimulates the flow of “Qi” or energy.  When this energy is stagnant or overactive, it is thought to cause fatigue, discomfort, and disease.

Worldwide, there is still a debate about the therapeutic effects of this ancient practice.  However in 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a review and analysis of controlled clinical trials that listed 28 conditions for which “acupuncture has been proved-through controlled trials-to be an effective treatment”

Many people swear by acupuncture to relieve the following conditions:

  • Stress
  • Sports injuries, such as tennis elbow
  • Chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and osteoarthritis
  • Digestive complaints, such as nausea and vomiting
  • Women’s health issues, such as menstrual cramps, infertility, and menopause

If you suffer from any of the above, consider asking your doctor about acupuncture.

Weight: 125.0 (-0.4)

Calories: 1,716

Days left in boot: 14 days 18 hours 56 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Today at work I got to climb to the highest point on the property to do an inspection.  While I was up there I got a nice pic of the leaves changing colors.  It is starting to get cold in the mornings and is still awesome running weather in the afternoons.  I want to be out enjoying it so bad.

I am so ready to be done with the boot and be out running.  I know that I need to let it heal so I stay home and RICE it.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

Weight: 125.4 (+1.1)

Calories: 1,869

Days left in boot: 15 days 18 hours 52 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


After a busy day of going to the children’s museum I got off my butt and headed to the gym this evening.  I only had time for 30 minutes on the bike but let me tell you that 30 minutes was pure bliss.  It wasn’t running but man it felt good to do some fitness.  I think that I am going to try to go again tomorrow.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


The earlier you identify a disease the less damage it is likely to do and the easier it should be to treat.  Be vigilant for odd lumps and bumps, strange pains, rashes, or changes in your body-and get medical advice about anything that worries you.  But, mostly, the only way to pick up on the first stages of a condition is through regular screening, even if you’re an ostensibly healthy person.

Screening is available for many serious deseases, but it can cause a lot of unnecessary worry.  Ask your doctor about the efficacy of tests and how often they should be repeated.

Weight: 123.7 (+0.5)

Calories: 2,734

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 17 days 18 hours 47 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17

Despicable Me 3

Today K had cross country practice and G had football at the same time so I dropped off K at practice and took G to meet his dad at football.  When his dad got there I went home and got my boyfriend D and Z so we could spend the day together.

We took Z out to her favorite lunch (mcdonalds) and to see her very first movie in a theater.  We chose to see Despicable Me 3.  She did way better than I expected her to do.

After the movie we did some thrift store shopping and found some new books for her collection.  We even stopped at my favorite place for dinner (Taco Johns).  O love tacos lol.

After a quick trip by home to pop some popcorn we headed out to the neighboring town to do a touch a truck thing and watch fireworks.

Z had a blast today on her mommy and daddy date.  

When we got home I couldn’t find my phone.  After searching the car I went back to the park and…got lucky because it was right where we sat to watch the fireworks and still there and not broken.  I am grateful that I got it back.

So today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Just as cocoons are crucial for transforming insect pupae, the atmosphere in your bedroom is crucial for transforming you during sleep.  Aim to make your bedroom a place of tranquility, free from the noises and distractions of the outside world.  Consider keeping the decor minimalist and, when deciding a paint color for your bedroom, choose soothing, cool-spectrum colors.  Do not place electronics like televisions or computers in your bedroom.  They are distracting and their electromagnetic fields can keep you awake and feeling irritable.

Weight:  121.7 (-1.1)

Calories:  2,140

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot:  25

Next race:  Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Now that I had my confirmation appointment with the doctor about my broken leg I told my boss what was going on.  I am now on light (boring computer stuff) for the next 4 weeks.  Ugh I miss being outside in the sunshine already.  No more 10,000 steps a day at work.  I am so frustrated and having a hard time keeping my spirits up.  It sucks watching others walk around and have fun when I am stuck in a stupid boot.  I have learned my lesson about over training so leg heal quick please.

My end table is overflowing with crap that I just don’t have the energy to deal with.  I think that I should tackle my large stack of books that need to be read first lol.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Intellectual activity is as important to a long and happy life as remaining physically fit and active.  Continuing to learn provides new knowledge, promotes intellectual stimulation, and increases satisfaction.  It can also boost your enjoyment of life, your self-confidence and your ability to cope with everyday challenges.
*   Take up a new hobby that requires new skills and learning.

*   Go back to school or enroll in a class: it’s never too late to continue your education with a university degree or master’s course.

*   Rather that a fictional film, watch a documentary.

Weight:  124.1 (-1.1)

Calories: 1,360

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 27 hopefully

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I saw the orthopedist today finally.  Yup I have a broken Tibia and Fibula.  The doc was actually impressed that I was doing ok with the boot because with how bad it looked she wanted me on crutches.

I don’t want to be on crutches so I am glad that the boot is helping.

So the plan is 4 weeks in the boot with no running.  Then more xrays and probably some physical therapy and hopefully a return to running in 8 weeks.  I made my follow-up appointment for 4 weeks from today.

I did manage to talk her into a shorter boot because the one I had was making my knee hurt.

This one is much better to walk in.  Now I just need to walk farther in it lol.  Or I could just go to the gym and work my upper body and core like mad.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Your shoulders can become tired through prolonged or repetitive movements, such as sitting at a desk for long periods.  This is an easy STRETCH that can be done anywhere, helping to improve posture and reduce muscle tension.

*   Stand a little away from a wall.  Place your hands on the wall and walk your feet away until your upper body is horizontal, with back and arms straight and hands still pressing on the wall.

*   Press your armpits toward the floor to feel a flexing in the shoulder joints.  Press and release a few times to extend the range of movement of the shoulders.

Weight: 125.2 (+1.5)

Calories: 1,795

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 27

Next race:  Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Tomorrow is my follow-up with the ankle foot specialist.  I am so anxious to know when I can start running again.  I want my me time back.  Beck at this point I would love to be able to go for a long pain free walk without a boot on.  I hope to hear good news tomorrow so say a little prayer for me please.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


One of the main theories about why the body degenerates as you grow older is based on a chemical process known as oxidation.  During normal metabolism the body produces unstable molecules called free radicals, but there are other factors in the environment that also increase free-radical production.

Fortunately, you have a supply of natural antidotes called antioxidants, which mop up free radicals.  However, levels of antioxidants fall as you age, resulting in damage to cells and tissues.  By increasing your intake of antioxidants as you get older, you may be able to protect yourself from the worse effects of this process.  A wide range of chemicals in food can act as antioxidants, but among the most important are beta-carotene and the vitamins A, C, and E.  Research on people whose diets are rich in antioxidants, rather than relying on supplements, has been promising, for example in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants:

*   Beans: pinto, red, black, and kidney beans

*   Berries: cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries

*   Nuts: pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts

*   Other fruits: plums, cherries, apples

*   Artichoke hearts

*   Russet potatoes

I am so ready to go to my appointment tomorrow.  I will do whatever it takes to be able to run again sooner.  I have 160 hours of vacation at work so if I need to take a month off then fine lets do it.

Weight: 123.7 (-3.7)

Calories: 1,990

Run streak: 0

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Today was back at the work week.  My work buddy took today off so it was rather lonely without him.  He will be back tomorrow so it will get better.

My ankle is still rather sore and with my next race just over a month away I am getting desperate for answers.  Wednesday can’t come soon enough.  While G was at football today I dug out my knitting.

I have been working on this sock for over a year now and actually finished it today!  Now I just have to make the matching one lol.  I guess I will start it tomorrow while I am stuck in a boot and not running 😦

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Seeing a live theater performance is an emotive and uplifting experience.  You become more involved and invested in the story and characters because you are immersed in the action on stage.  The theater is also a great way to escape the stresses of life for an evening and will give you something to look forward to.

The iconic national and international music and theater shows are great, but don’t forget the local scene.  Bars and other small, independent venues offer a fantastic way to discover new talent and tickets are often much cheaper.  You can also feel good about attending local performances because they allow you to contribute to your community’s art scene in a more direct manner.

Aside from school field trips I have only attended one play in my life and that was when K was in the school play last year.  He loved being in Spamalot and if he keeps his grades up he can audition for this years play as well.  I am going to look into plays in my area and try to see one.

Weight: 127.4 (+1.7)

Calories: 1,310

Run streak: 0 days

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17