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Five Finger

For Christmas I bought myself a pair of Vibram Five Finger running shoes.  I just did my 3rd run in them today and I am still not sure about them.

My big toe on both feet keeps rubbing funny on a seam or something and feels very sore after my run.

I don’t want to make it seem that I am over doing the trying new shoes because I am not.  I actually restarted the couch to 10k program solely to do a slow transition into these shoes.  I am not going to give up just yet.

I did my run at the YMCA again today because it is super cold out.

Tomorrow or Sunday I plan to go for a 3-4 mile run but I am going to wear my “normal” shoes for that lol.  I am just waiting for January to be over so the gym classes clear out again so I can have room to do the moves.


Day 2

Today I did some reading in my new book that my kids got me for Christmas.

I hope that all of this cross training will help me stay injury free this year.  

What sucked was that I lost track of time reading and missed my chance to sneak off to the gym for a bit.  I will go tomorrow I promise.

I did manage to do Day 2 of my 30 day workout plans so it wasn’t a total loss.

Day 1

Today I took my first steps to becoming a better me.  It is going to be hard and at times I am going to want to quit but I am worth it.

I started my day being a bum and watching tv but around 9:30 I got my butt motivated and headed off to the gym.  I had my run done around 11 and had most of the rest of the day to be lazy.

This was my first over 3 mile run since my stress fracture in September as well as my first run of the year.  It was a struggle mentally and physically but I did it and I know I can do it again.

I am loving my new shirt that I got for Christmas lol.

I also downloaded a few new apps to do at home on my off days.  I got 30 day squats, 30 day abs, 30 day arms, 30 day cardio, and 30 day pushups.  Because today is Janurary 1st I started them all on beginner level 1 and went for it.  It wasn’t very pretty but I got it done and will do it again tomorrow.

I also plan to try to make it to a class at the gym tomorrow so hopefully I can do both with working 8 hours and having kids at home as well.  I am not about to give up on the second day either.

We can do this…

New Year

As I sit here celebrating the new year with my 4 year old daughter I am reflecting on what I have accomplished in the last year.

I started out the year weighing in at 129.2 and today one year later I weighed in at 127.0 so a 2.2 pound loss.  I was down to around 120 or so until I broke my leg and my fitness got sidetracked.  I am just going to stick with I maintained the weight loss for a year so far.

My goal for the year beyond maintaining the weight loss was to run 1017 K for the year in the Map My Run challenge group.

I made it more that that coming in at 1627 K which is 1010.97 miles.  I hope to make that into 2000 K for 2018.

Also in 2017 I had my first ever broken bone, ran my first 10 K race, and signed up for my first 10 mile race to be run in 2018.  

I have many things to be proud of this year as well as some regrets.  I have learned that I need to cross train and not just run as my only form of fitness.  I have learned that streaking can be a bad thing and I was running way too much at the cost of my body and my family.

I plan to run no more than 3 days a week a week and cross train or strength train 3 days a week and having 1 day a week as an all around rest day.  I am not sure how long this will last but it is my starting plan to be tweaked as I love along with my fitness journey.

Week 2

G and I are on week of the couch to 10k trainer.  This one was run for 90 seconds walk for 2 minutes.  It went very well.

My ankle is a wee bit sore now.  I don’t mean that it hurts but it is sore.  I am icing it in hopes that I won’t be sore tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow G and I hope to be able to do a class together at the gym.  We are thinking about doing yoga at 5:10,  R.I.P.P.E.D class at 5:30, or Zumba at 6:40.  I have not tried yoga or Zumba at this gym yet so I guess I will wait and see what G picks.

Friday after work I start physical therapy for my ankle.  I am nervous and excited to learn exercises to do to feel better as well as prevent another injury.  Friday is another run day so it is going to hopefully be a long day but it is ultimately up to how I feel and what the physical therapist recommends.

Weight: 130.1

Activity: running couch to 10k week 2 day 2 (2.15 miles)


Wow what a weekend.  I guess I should recap by days.

Friday I tried Body Pump class at the YMCA and wow my upper body needs a ton of work.  I am trying hard to stick with the 3 days a week of running but it is tough.

I was so sore when I woke up on Saturday I didn’t want to do anything.  I made it to the gym in the afternoon to do week 1 day 3 of the couch to 10k program.

Today is Sunday and I am still sore from the class on Friday so I went to a different class today.  This one was called R.I.P.P.E.D and it is a strength and cardio mix class.  I enjoyed it but not as much as Friday’s class.  I also caved and hit the treadmill for a mile today.

My excuse was that I was 20 minutes early for my class and had nothing better to do but we all know that was a lie lol.

Tomorrow G and I start week 2 of the couch to 10k trainer and I am so excited to see how far we can go this time.

I am learning to take things slow and steady to not over do my fitness this time I hope for no not injuries.

See ya soon,


Make that 2

Today was I’d last day of cross country and he did not run with his team.  He has been complaining that his shin hurt for the last few weeks but he said that it would be fine after a day or 2 of rest.  Well today I took him into the orthopedic place that I went to for my ankle and yup K has a stress fracture in the left Fibula.

K and I both now sport walking boots.  I have mine on my right leg and his is on the left but we are both stuck in a boot.  He is only on day 1 with the boot and already hates it lol.  I only have a week more to be stuck in mine.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


What we eat can have an effect on all areas of our bodies, and that includes the appearance of our hair.  So if your locks are looking lackluster, consider adding the following to your diet:

  • Pumpkin seeds add shine to your hair.  They’re also a good source of iron, which supplies oxygen to the hair roots, makes hair grow faster and prevents hair loss.  Pumpkin seeds also contain protein, which is crucial to the production of keratin, the ha it’s protective coating, and zinc, which strengthens hair follicles.
  • Walnuts can help if your hair color is fading.  They contain copper, which is needed by the body to produce melanin pigments.  Melanin gives hair its color, and it also helps to thicken and add shine to the hair.  Eating walnuts may also help to reverse the graying of hair.

Weight: 125.9 (+/- 0)

Calories: 2,155

Time left in boot: 6 days 18 hours 40 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Today I went into work early so I could get things accomplished and it was chilly when I left.  After work it was a perfect 69°F and I wanted to go for a run so bad.  O had conferences for 2 kids today so running was put even if I didn’t have the broken ankle.

Conferences went awesome for both kids.  I am so proud of all my children. 

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


All of us have items that we’ve kept in our lives for their sentimental value, items that were given to us at some point and were once of use or things that have simply managed to avoid all the usual clear-outs and have lain gathering dust for years.  Donating to your local second-hand stores provides an excellent excuse to clear out your wardr3while contributing to a good cause.  Whether it’s that top you once loved, or that book that you obsessed over during your teens, it’s nice to think that someone else can get the same joy again from that item.  Not only are you helping yourself to move forward and organize your life, but others along the way can gain something from your actions, too.

Weight: 125.9 (-0.4)

Calories: 1,860

Time left in boot: 7 days 18 hours 17 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I am now 2/3 of the way through my 12 day work week and holy cow am I exhausted.  I haven’t worked more than a 5 day work week in a long time and I am feeling it.  I am not sure if it’s that I am getting older or the broken leg that I am walking around on.  I am still holding out hope that I can be back to running on my follow up in just over a week and until then…

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Rather than salary or status, the most important factors behind job satisfaction are how much control employees have over the type of work they do and how meaningful their jobs are.  Even though stress tends to increase as people ride through the ranks, so too does autonomy-and it is this, or the lack of it, that affects well-being and satisfaction at work.

So whenever possible, seek out more responsibility at work-not only could it improve your chances of career progression by showing initiative, the increased autonomy will also lead to greater job satisfaction.

Weight: 126.3 (+0.4)

Calories: 1,895

Time left in boot: 8 days 20 hours 2 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


It was a super chilly day at work today I am so glad that I remembered my jacket this morning.  I work at one of those jobs where you spend most of your day outside.  Some days it is super cold/hot and then its brutal but most days aren’t so bad.

I work with some awesome people so it is totally worth it.

I had a happy/healthy post all written out but then word press stopped working and I lost it and I just don’t have time to re type it right now so you just gotta go without it.

Weight: 125.9 (-0.6)

Calories: 2,130

Time left in boot: 9 days 18 hours 53 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17