July 15th training run

Today K and I got up early to be the heat on our run today.  We did week 13 day 2 of the 10k trainer in 63°F coolness.  What is even better is that we made it!

We walked 5 minutes, ran 30, walked 1, ran 30, walked 6.  Everything said and done we went 6.81 miles in 1:12:18.  We should run our first 10k in a few days!

You can tell by our faces how thrilled we were to have made the run.  

This afternoon we made it to the science museum for a bit.  G and Z raced the MN Twins mascot.

They both lost but had a fun race anyway.  We also found some neat measurements.

Who knew you made so much spit, snot, and sweat in a day?  Also how does a person measure such things?

Weight: 123.2 (-0.3)

Calories: 1,650

Run streak: 51 days

Next race: Lift Bridge 10k 7/22/17


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