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June 15th training run

K spent the day with Nana celebrating her birthday so it was just G and I on our run today.

We tried to take on week 10 day 2 of the couch to 10 K program again today.  We made it this time!!!  Yup that’s right 5.35 miles in 58:25.  I think that our bodies are starting to get used to this heat and humidity.

After our run and showers we headed to Mama’s birthday party.  She set up the pool for us to cool off in which was awesome.

I won’t post a pic of myself in swim wear so you will just have to settle for a pic of just Z in the pool to see how good it felt.

I discovered a new app for Iphone and android users that lets you earn “coins” to buy prizes just for walking or running outside.  Here is the link if you were interested.

Check out this app 👉 https://sweatco.in/hi/cindy497973 … It pays for walking

Weight: 123.0 (+0.2)

Calories: 1,572

Run streak: 21 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17