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Five Finger

For Christmas I bought myself a pair of Vibram Five Finger running shoes.  I just did my 3rd run in them today and I am still not sure about them.

My big toe on both feet keeps rubbing funny on a seam or something and feels very sore after my run.

I don’t want to make it seem that I am over doing the trying new shoes because I am not.  I actually restarted the couch to 10k program solely to do a slow transition into these shoes.  I am not going to give up just yet.

I did my run at the YMCA again today because it is super cold out.

Tomorrow or Sunday I plan to go for a 3-4 mile run but I am going to wear my “normal” shoes for that lol.  I am just waiting for January to be over so the gym classes clear out again so I can have room to do the moves.


New Year

As I sit here celebrating the new year with my 4 year old daughter I am reflecting on what I have accomplished in the last year.

I started out the year weighing in at 129.2 and today one year later I weighed in at 127.0 so a 2.2 pound loss.  I was down to around 120 or so until I broke my leg and my fitness got sidetracked.  I am just going to stick with I maintained the weight loss for a year so far.

My goal for the year beyond maintaining the weight loss was to run 1017 K for the year in the Map My Run challenge group.

I made it more that that coming in at 1627 K which is 1010.97 miles.  I hope to make that into 2000 K for 2018.

Also in 2017 I had my first ever broken bone, ran my first 10 K race, and signed up for my first 10 mile race to be run in 2018.  

I have many things to be proud of this year as well as some regrets.  I have learned that I need to cross train and not just run as my only form of fitness.  I have learned that streaking can be a bad thing and I was running way too much at the cost of my body and my family.

I plan to run no more than 3 days a week a week and cross train or strength train 3 days a week and having 1 day a week as an all around rest day.  I am not sure how long this will last but it is my starting plan to be tweaked as I love along with my fitness journey.

September 8th training run

Today G and I decided to say screw the training plan and just went 5 loops around our local park.  It ended up being 3.38 miles and we did it in 42:49.

I have no clue why he is running so slow.  His last 5k was under 31 minutes and here he is doing 14 minute miles.  I wonder if it is the shoes…

So I bought him a new pair.  He picked out Asics Gel Contend 4s.  He will try his first run in them on Monday.

Because you can’t buy for one and not the other K got Asics Gel Flux 4s.  He is planning on trying them out tomorrow on our long run.

I also got new shoes but they will have to wait until one of my other ones wear out first.

Weight: 121.8 (-0.7)

Calories: 1,564

Run streak: 106 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

August 14th training run

Today K started cross country so he already ran today.  G was at a friends house and crashed his bike so he was too sore to run today.

So I ran alone and it was awesome.  I cut down to 2 walking brakes which were 0.05 miles each.  I made my 3.15 miles in 29:56.  So even with walking I still did better than 30 minutes!

I wonder if it was that every time I wanted to give up I looked down at my shoes and saw my souvineer timing chip from me and G’s race last weekend.  We ran the whole race with no walking so I knew that I could do it.

Weight: 124.1 (+1.7)

Calories: 1,490

Run streak: 81 days

Next race: Bounce and not Break 5k 9/16/17

June 17th training run

Today I ran alone.  I repeated week 10 day 2 of the couch to 10K training to see if I could do better.  

I did!  I went 5.56 miles in 58:17 and 13 minutes of that was walking.  Ok so it was much cooler out today but still I did better.

It was 15°F cooler than it has been when we were running after I got off of work.  It might have something to do with the fact that I had walked less than 1000 steps when I headed out as well lol.

Today also marked the end for my shoes.

Today’s run pushed these shoes to 403 miles so it was time to retire them to the garbage can.  On the up side I bought new ones a few weeks ago and I have been itching to take them for a spin.

Tomorrow I will get to put the first miles on these bad boys and boy am I excited to do so.  They are the same as the ones I just replaced but in a different color.

Weight: 122.6 (+0.9)

Calories: 2,170

Run streak: 23 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17

June 16th training run

Both boys came with on the run today.  K made the whole thing and G made it most of the way.  We made it out 5K or 3.15 miles in 30:20.

We tried a different pic today.  You can tell that I have 396 miles on my shoes and they need to be replaced very soon.  I have actually already bought my new shoes and am super excited to wear them.

The boys are with their dad this weekend so I am not going to work on the couch to 10K program without them but I do plan to do some intervals and possibly a 4 mile run.

Weight: 121.7 (-1.3)

Calories: 1,675

Run streak: 22 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17

May 28th training run

We got home from our weekend trip this afternoon and what’s the first thing I did?

Yup that’s right got a water and used the bathroom but after that I changed and went for my run.

It started out bad because I forgot my headphones but I went anyway.  I got 3.15 miles in 31:26.  I hydrated properly so I actually managed to run the whole thing.

It was so worth it.  Tomorrow I hope to get out earlier before the day gets way too hot to be able to get a good run in.

So I have a question for everyone.

Does this happen to anyone else?  I now have 300 ish miles on these shoes but the holes happened at 200 ish miles.  It sucks that this happened to my favorite shoes before they are worn out due to miles. 

Weight: 127.3 (+4.1)

Calories: 2,717

Run streak: 3 days

Next race: 6/11/17 5k

May 17th training run

Today was kinda sucky and rainy but G and I made it out for our run anyway.  Less than 1/4 mile into our run we both stepped in a large puddle and got to run over 2 miles with wet shoes.

So today was week 5 day 3 of couch to 10K training.  It was a 20 minute run with 5 minute walks before and after.  We made it 2.78 miles in that 30:11 wet shoes and all lol.

We even had an obstacle during our run that we passed 3 times.

Yup you see that right that is a tree down across the entire path that we had to climb over.

Weight: 124.3 (-0.6)

Calories: 1,350

Run streak: 13 days

Next race: Bubble Run 5K 6/11/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method

April 13th training run

We had plans this evening so we only got a short 1.55 mile run in today.  But, our time was good 14:42.  Not bad for a short run.  Tomorrow G is going to his dad’s after school so I am on my own for my 5K run.

Today was an awesome mail day.  I got 2 of my prizes from Milestone Pod.  I got my 2 new pods.

I also got my new Saucony Peregrine 7 shoes.

To top off all the fun mail today I got my Stride Box.

It has a ton of fun goodies in it this month.

I always look forward to my monthly Stride Box.

Oh and our big plans this evening was G had his first communion.

Yup I am so glad to be done with the classes and my baby looked so handsome in his dress cloths.

Weight: 120.6 (-0.4)

Calories: 1,540

Run streak: 15 days

Next race: Donut Dash 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey