August 9th training run

Today was chilly and rainy but I went for my run after work anyway.  I went my usual 3.15 miles in 31:37.  I felt super sluggish on my run and I have no idea why.  I must be getting sick or something.

My boyfriend D has to do an overnight tonight so Z came with to football so we hammed it up in a pic.

She is so my little mini me lol.  She was super interested in actually watching practice which was unusual for her but it made it much easier for me so I won’t complain lol.

Tomorrow G tries for a 5k training run again.  So watch out for details on that tomorrow.

Weight: 120.6 (-1.3)

Calories: 1,495

Run streak: 76 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger 5k 8/12/17

August 8th training run

Today the boys and I set out to run a 5k.  K took off on his own and G quit at a mile.  It was a slow mile at 12:12 but he still did a mile.  I restarted my time and did the last 2.15 miles on my own in 20:49.  K quit at around 2.25 miles.

After our run all we had time for was showers, dinner, and football.  Football season marks 1 full year of running for me.  I started running as something to do for the hour that G was at practice and never looked back.  In the last year I have lost about 45 pounds and went from a size 10 to a 4.  I am going to keep at it to set a good example for my kids.

Weight: 121.9 (+0.4)

Calories: 1,580

Run streak: 75 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger Border Battle 5k 8/12/17

August 7th training run

Today was G’s first day of football skills camp.  He goes all week from 7-8 pm.  I didn’t get a pic of him all geared up because I forgot but he had a blast and is so ready to start his 5th season of football  this year.

While he was at practice I got my 5k run in.  I did very well with my time and got the 3.15 miles done in 30:04.  I think that it is the cooler weather that is making my times better but I don’t care better is still better.

Tomorrow is going to be super busy because G and I will have to run quick after work so we can have dinner before football.  He might have to start running on his own so he won’t loose ground surfing the season.

Weight: 121.5 (-0.0)

Calories: 1,580

Run streak: 74 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger Border Battle 5k 8/12/17

15’s 5k

Today G and I got up at 5:30 to catch the train to our 8:00 am race.

Ok it was actually 2 trains and a 1/3 mile walk to get to the race but we won’t worry about that lol.

G has been looking forward to this race forever.  It was a charity race for Prarie Care which is the hospital he went to earlier this year.

G tripped twice on the final 1/4 mile stretch but was still all smiles at the finish line.  We finished in 33:17.  Not our best but still a win for us.

We did visit the medics after we got our medals just to be cleaned up and checked out.

After our race and lunch we were back at the stadium to watch the MN Twins take on the Texans.  G and I were two of the first 10,000 fans so we got a free TC Bear bobble head.  G was thrilled to watch the Twins win 6-5.

The seats weren’t bad either.

The only down side of the game was the 30 minute rain delay.  We did plan ahead and brought ponchos with but rain still sucks lol.

Weight: 121.5 (+1.1)

Calories: 1,890

Run streak: 73 days

Next race: Gopher to Badger 5k 8/12/17

August 5th training run

Today G and I had packet pick up for our 15’s 5k race tomorrow.

We have all of our gear packed for tomorrow because after the race we are going to our first MN Twins game.

We made it out for a mile run today because we didn’t want to over do it before our race.  We made our mile a little slow at an 11:30 pace.

Weight: 120.4 (-0.6)

Calories: 1,500

Run streak: 72 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17

August 4th training run

What a great day for a run.  Today was a cool 73°F and sunny so G and I made it out to try for a 30 minute run this afternoon.

G and I actually went for 31:00 so we could get 3.15 miles.  He is even more excited for our race on Sunday because he knows that he can do it.

I am so proud of both of my boys and how well they are staying active this summer.

Weight: 121.0 (-0.0)

Calories: 1,760

Run streak: 71 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17

August 3rd training run

Today is Dr appt cold and rainy.  I planned to run after work outside but ended up at the gym instead.

At the gym I run the track not the treadmill but at 16 laps per a mile it gets a little old after awhile.  I quit at 3.1 miles because I needed to shower before I picked up G from Safety Camp.  I did do my 3.1 miles in 32:07.

So today G went to Safety Camp at the local community center which is also the gym we go to.  He learned about fire, internet, water, bike, and a few other kinds of safety.  His BFF also went so they had a good time.

He got a t-shirt, cirtificate, medal, and goodie bag as well as 2 snacks and lunch.  He did say that even after the busy day he had at camp he is ready to attempt the pre race 5k tomorrow.

Weight: 121.0 (-1.1)

Calories: 1,593

Run streak: 70 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17

August 2nd training run

Today we were back at the couch to 5k training program.  G chose to skip a week and went for the 25 minute week 7 day 1 run.  He made it!

Today we went 2.99 miles in 35:04.  We were both a little disappointed that we missed making 3 miles.  We decided that we will for sure make it over 3 miles next time.

K left us in the dust so we have no clue how far he went but he claimed to have gone 25 minutes with no walking as well.

All 3 of us look super excited to have done well on our runs.

Weight: 122.1 (+0.2)

Calories: 1,485

Run streak: 69 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17

August 1st training run

Ahh a new month and a new 100 mile running goal.  Ok after today’s hot 1 mile run I only have 99 more miles to make my goal this month lol.

Today I made it a mile, G, K, and Z made it less than 1/2 mile.  It was killer hot and humid today but I still made it at least a mile so my run streak is still alive.  I did my mile in 9:26 so not too bad of a time to go with it.

Z was super proud of herself for actually smiling in the picture today.

Tomorrow G and I are aiming for a 25 minute run together so we will be ready for our race on Sunday.  Hopefully it is a little cooler out for our attempt.

Weight: 121.9 (-1.3)

Calories: 1,880

Run streak: 68 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17

July 31st Month Review

Today the boys and I set out to try a 16 minute run because G felt that he wasn’t ready to do the scheduled 20 minute run.  We started the app anyway so we would know when to start running after our 5 minute walk and he actually decided mid run to go for the full 20 minutes and made it!

D had to work late today so poor K had to push Z on the stroller.  Ok K and Z left G and I in the dust but its all good we all had fun and that’s what matters.

So we did week 5 day 3 of the couch to 5k program today.  We went 2.63 miles in 30:06.  Tomorrow is a rest day for G and he plans to go for 25 minutes on Wednesday.  We will see how that goes when we get to it.

Today is the last day of the month of July so here is my month in review.

Days ran: 31

July Mileage: 108.51

Year to date Mileage: 742.94

On to August and my birthday month.  G and I have 2 races in August and hope to make his personal best down to less than 30 minutes.

Weight: 123.2 (-0.5)

Calories: 1,290

Run streak: 67 days

Next race: 15’s 5k 8/6/17