Today the family worked on building the retaining wall in front of our house.  It is still not done but only because we ran out of logs not because of injury.

I wanted to hit the gym today but after the company for building the wall I just didn’t have time.  Hopefully I can make it a few times this week now that football is over it is much easier to find time to go.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Pet ownership can have a good effect on your blood pressure and heart rate and potentially reduce the incidence of stress and depression.  In one study comparing people who owned a dog or a cat with people who did not, participants were required to complete mental arithmetic tests.  Pet owners who took the tests in the presence of their pets exhibited lower heart rate and blood pressure, and recovered faster afterward.  Also, taking your dog for regular walks brings you into contact with other dog owners, allowing you to connect with others.

Weight: 124.3 (+0.6)

Calories: 1,986

Days left in boot: 16 days 18 hours 28 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17



After a busy day of going to the children’s museum I got off my butt and headed to the gym this evening.  I only had time for 30 minutes on the bike but let me tell you that 30 minutes was pure bliss.  It wasn’t running but man it felt good to do some fitness.  I think that I am going to try to go again tomorrow.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


The earlier you identify a disease the less damage it is likely to do and the easier it should be to treat.  Be vigilant for odd lumps and bumps, strange pains, rashes, or changes in your body-and get medical advice about anything that worries you.  But, mostly, the only way to pick up on the first stages of a condition is through regular screening, even if you’re an ostensibly healthy person.

Screening is available for many serious deseases, but it can cause a lot of unnecessary worry.  Ask your doctor about the efficacy of tests and how often they should be repeated.

Weight: 123.7 (+0.5)

Calories: 2,734

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 17 days 18 hours 47 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I am down to 19 more days in the boot and let me tell ya this crap is getting old.  I walk super slow in it.  This evening it was raining and we were out shopping so walking to the car my sock got all wet.  I am so tired of this crap I am going to try and hit the gym tomorrow to do something athletic.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


The colors you introduce to your home can have an impact on your well-being, since different colors are known to influence different emotions.  And it is not just the colors that you use, but where you use them in the home, you may wish to consider the main emotional impact that specific colors are ment to have.

You can use just one main color throughout a room, or different tones of the same color.  Alternatively, you can place extra splashes of “accent” color(s)-to complement a dominant color, or even equal amounts of two or more contrasting colors, making sure that there are no uneasy clashes.  Objects that you should consider when matching or introducing a color scheme are soft furnishings (cushions, rugs, bedding); ornaments (framed photos, lamps, vases, sculptures); kitchenware (toaster, fruit boels, kitchen towels); tableware (tablecloths, place mats, crockery) and floral arrangements, with endless color options.

Here are some common colors and their associations:

 Red: Fiery and invigorating

 Orange: Warm and reassuring

 Green: Nourishing and soothing

 Blue: Calming and cooling

 Yellow: Sunny and uplifting

 Brown: Grounding and practical

Weight: 123.2 (-0.7)

Calories: 1,720

Days left in boot: 19

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


The football season finished for G yesterday.  His team lost so they didn’t continue to the playoffs which are on Saturday.  So he is a little disappointed.

K is upset because the big cross country meet is on Saturday and because of his excitement level I checked his grades.  He is failing 2 classes and has a total of 13 missing assignments.  I am pissed.  I emailed his coach and informed him of the grades and missing assignments and told him that because of that K will miss practice tomorrow and will not attend the meet tomorrow.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Taking an evening class after work offers many rewards.  You will benefit from the fulfillment and sense of achievement that can accompany learning a new skill.  It can also be a different and fun way to socialize with friends or make new ones.  And being busy in the evening with something you enjoy will take your mind off work and other life stresses, inspiring and invigorating you.

If you love the arts, try life drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, photography, acting, or creative writing.  If you want to mpve, sign up for dancing classes or self-defense.  Learn a musical instrument such as piano, guitar, or flute or join a choir.  Your choices are endless.

Weight: 123.9 (-0.7)

Calories: 2,290

Days left in boot: 19 days 17 hours 55 minutes

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


After 3 weeks of feeling down about my leg I went to the salon for a pick me up.  

Ok I am a little nervous.

Omg I look terrible as a blond.

I look like Malfoy lol.

Adding some colors.

Omg I love it!!!

I saw Nikki at Instyle Salon in JC Penny in Eden Prairie.  I am feeling tons better thank you Nikki.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Few things can boost your sense of well-being as surely as watching a sunset.  Don’t save this magical experience for holidays in exotic locations, make it a part of your regular routine whenever you can.  At its simplest, getting outside at the end of the day is good for your overall health and keeps you active.  It’s also incredibly relaxing, helping the mind to switch off from the day’s concerns and prepare for the evening.  Practice being mindful, slow down your thinking, and become aware of the present moment.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, even a 10-minute walk as the sun is setting can enhance secretion of the hormone melatonin and regulate the sleep-wake cycle in the sleep center of the brain.  New scientific research suggests melatonin may even guard the brain from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Weight: 124.6 (-1.5)

Calories: 1,560

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 21

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


Today G’s team made up their first of 2 missed football games that were rained out.  His team lost by a touchdown so going into the next one tomorrow is tough.  They are ready to try again so that is a plus.  I can’t make it to his game so I am a little disappointed because this will be the first one I will miss all season.

I wish I had a run to talk about because I miss it so much right now.  It is perfect weather out to be out doing long runs and here I am stuck in my crappy boot.  My best to all of those out there making their runs in this beautiful cool weather.

I am going to stick with GO TWINS!!!  Beat those Yankee butts.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Dwelling is something we often can’t resist doing, yet it can anchor us in the past and keep us from moving on.  Change is normal, and even if we’ve already invested time and emotion in something that doesn’t mean we should cling onto it indefinatly.  It is helpful to think about where and why things went wrong, but only if this knowledge is used constructively.  Consider the past, but keep your mind-set facing forward.  Try to accept when things have reached their conclusion and are beyond your control, and use that knowledge to flavor your understanding of new situations.

Weight: 126.1 (+0.7)

Calories: 1,220

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot: 22

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I woke up this morning to the news that a mass shooting happened in Las Vegas.  My heart is heavy for all of those affected by such a senseless tragedy.  I normally would run to clear my head and try to make sense of what happened but I can’t so I have been trying to concentrate on other things instead.  It isn’t helping.

G’s football game got cancelled today because of the rain so now we play on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Z has school tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we can take the boys to pick out glasses.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Massage oils are a wonderful way to bring the healing benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy into your life.

To make a massage oil, first decide which scents sooth or invigorate you – do you prefer light and floral or zesty and fruity fragrances?  Once you have made your choice, combine the oil(s) with a carrier oil such as sweet almond or Rosehill oil.  Read the recommendations on the carrier bottle since the recommended ratio of essential oil to carrier varies.  If storing your massage blend for future use, do so in a dark glass bottle away from direct heat or sunlight.

Weight:  125.4 (+1.7)

Calories:  1,995

Run streak: 0 days

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


I survived the first of 4 weekends with my boot.  It sucked but I am getting used to it so it is getting easier.  I am just glad that I didn’t get an actual cast and crutches.  Today it rained all day so I took a short nap and other than that watched a ton of tv.

I wish I was one of those people our running a marathon.  I miss running so much.  I wanted to be out there in the rain today so bad doing 10 or so wet miles.  I just have to keep trying to heal my leg so I can get back out there as soon as possible.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


This broth is a great-tasting regular meal for a nutritious approach to eating.  It is easy to make and can also be used as a stock for other, more substantial soups.

  • 16 cups cold water
  • 10.5 oz celery
  • 10.5 oz carrots
  • 10.5 oz parsnips
  • 3.5 oz potatoes
  • 4 cups fresh mixed herbs: basil, majoram, fennel, and parsley
  • Caraway, ground nutmeg, juniper berries, and rock salt (to taste)

Wash all the vegetables, and grate them in a food processor.  Place all vegetables in a large saucepan.  Add cold water, fresh herbs, and rock salt.  Simmer gently for 45 minutes.  Pour the broth through a fine sieve or strainer.  Reserve the liquid and discard the vegetables.  Add nutmeg, juniper, and caraway, and season with rock salt.

The broth will keep well for a couple of days in the fridge.

Weight: 123.7 (+2.0)

Calories: 1,970

Run streak: 0 days

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17

Despicable Me 3

Today K had cross country practice and G had football at the same time so I dropped off K at practice and took G to meet his dad at football.  When his dad got there I went home and got my boyfriend D and Z so we could spend the day together.

We took Z out to her favorite lunch (mcdonalds) and to see her very first movie in a theater.  We chose to see Despicable Me 3.  She did way better than I expected her to do.

After the movie we did some thrift store shopping and found some new books for her collection.  We even stopped at my favorite place for dinner (Taco Johns).  O love tacos lol.

After a quick trip by home to pop some popcorn we headed out to the neighboring town to do a touch a truck thing and watch fireworks.

Z had a blast today on her mommy and daddy date.  

When we got home I couldn’t find my phone.  After searching the car I went back to the park and…got lucky because it was right where we sat to watch the fireworks and still there and not broken.  I am grateful that I got it back.

So today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Just as cocoons are crucial for transforming insect pupae, the atmosphere in your bedroom is crucial for transforming you during sleep.  Aim to make your bedroom a place of tranquility, free from the noises and distractions of the outside world.  Consider keeping the decor minimalist and, when deciding a paint color for your bedroom, choose soothing, cool-spectrum colors.  Do not place electronics like televisions or computers in your bedroom.  They are distracting and their electromagnetic fields can keep you awake and feeling irritable.

Weight:  121.7 (-1.1)

Calories:  2,140

Run streak: 0 days

Days left in boot:  25

Next race:  Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17


It is Friday and I have now been a boot wearer for 2 days.  I am getting very tired of it and can’t wait for my follow up appointment.

Today’s happy/healthy tip is:


Lazing poolside with a cocktail or two might sound like the ideal holiday when you’re stressed and need a break.  But is it really what you’re looking for?

Especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, your body may be crying out for activity and your brain may need more of a challenge.  An active holiday can inspire feelings of renewed health and vitality and better lifestyle choices when you return to normal life.

Consider cycling through Vietnam, camping in the wilderness or attending a health retreat with yoga and two chi.  It’s even better if you can learn a new sport or skill while you’re away.  You’ll gain a sense of achievement and new skills to take home that are better than any souvenir.

Weight: 122.8 (-1.3)

Calories: 1,566

Days left in boot: 26

Next race: Halloween Half 10k 10/28/17