I know I haven’t written for a few weeks and honestly it was because I fell into the feeling sorry for myself groove.  I am now boot free and starting to get back to my usual self.

The kids and I even joined the YMCA last week and as of yesterday I can run again.  Ok I am approved to run a minute walk a minute but I can start running again.

So today G and I ventured out to check out the indoor track and restart the couch to 10k program.  We made good time and figure that on Monday we will be ready to try week 2.

My ankle feels a little sore but I am sure that it is from being in a boot for 6 weeks and then only walking for the next 2 weeks.  

Tomorrow evening I am going to try and make it to the gym to try my very first class.  The one I am planning on going to is called body pump.  From what I am reading on it the class jelly you improve your strength and tones muscles.  

I figure that I got hurt because I only ran with no strength training at all to support my body.  I am working on fixing that so I can try to be injury free in the future.  G and I also plan to run no more than 3 days a week and cross train 3 days a week.  Cross training will be doing weight training or attending a class of some form.  Our last day of the week will be for fun weather it be a fun class to try or swimming but we will continue to be active that is for sure.

I gained some weight back on my time being couch bound so I hope to get rid of that soon and replace it with some awesome new muscles.

Weight: 128.3 (-0.4)

Activity: Couch to 10k week 1 day 1


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