July 11th training run

Happy Prime day!  Did anyone find anything for a good price for prime day.  I looked off and on all day and only got Z a life jacket for $10.  Ok until just now when I scored a Garmin 630 with the chest strap for $223.  I hope that it gets here before my 10k on the 22nd.

On to my run today.  It sucked.  K and I set out to do the couch to 10k training week 13 day 2 but didn’t come close to making it in this heat and humidity.  We did a lot more walking than it called for and only ended up with 5.21 miles in 1:02:11.  Tomorrow we train with G again so Thursday we will try again for 2 25 minute runs.

Weight: 124.1 (-1.3)

Calories: 1,500

Run streak: 47 days

Next race: Lift Bridge 10k 7/22/17


2 thoughts on “July 11th training run

  1. It is always like that, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Make sure to drink enough water if it’s hot and humid and the next time you’re out there, I’m sure you’re gonna smash it!


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