July 4th and 5th training runs

I missed blogging yesterday due to the holiday and the super late run but I did get a run in so I will start there.

K and I got G to join us for this beautiful independence day run at 9:00 pm while people were setting off fireworks in their driveways while we passed.  G ran intervals with us as K and I did 3.15 miles (G did about 2 miles) in 32:36.

It was too dark for a selfie when we were done but we tried anyway lol.

Weight: 124.3 (-2.7)

Calories: 1,830

Run Streak: 40 days

Today would normally have been back to the 10k trainer but we took G with us again so we could work on getting ready for our 1k race this weekend.

We made up our own intervals of walk 1/4 mile run 1/2 mile and repeat that 4 times.  We got a total of 3 miles in 37:39 so not bad.  We plan to do 1/4 walk 3/4 run tomorrow so we will be so ready for Saturday.

G is super happy to be back to running and hopes to restart his 10K training next week.

Weight: 124.3 (-0.0)

Calories: 1,650

Run streak: 41 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17


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