June 24th training run

G rode his bike on the run again today.  K ran with me and made a little extra effort.  We ran 3.25 miles in 30:19.

It was a little chilly today and I think that’s why we did better than we had been lately.

After our run G came across the sign ups for a kids parade starting in 15 minutes so he signed up to participate.

The theme was breakfast cereal so I told him with his runner shirt on he is totally Wheaties.

Tomorrow is week 11 day 3 of the couch to 10K training program.  I K and I made the last one with minimal problems so we figure we got this one in the bag.

Weight: 122.1 (-0.0)

Calories: 2,140

Run streak: 30 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17


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