June 11th training run

The boys and I set out to do week 10 day 1 of our couch to 10K training program.  The good news is that I made it the bad news is that neither boy did.

Today was walk 5 minutes, then do 15 minute run 1 minute walk 3 times and end with a 5 minute walk.  Both boys quit at around half way.

I finished with a total of 5.36 miles in 58:17 so I am still making progress towards being able to do a 10k.

Tomorrow we are just going to go for a 5k or so run.  I am still proud at how far both boys have come with their running.

Weight: 123.7 (-0)

Calories: 1,521

Run streak: 17 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17


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