Stop the Trafficking 5k

Today I ran the Stop the Trafficking 5k.

It was a warm one even before the race started.

But, I ran anyway.

I finished the 5k with a chip time of 28:02.  Not my best but in 80°F heat I am super happy with my time.

Today at the park by our house is the city wide campout.  We weren’t interested in camping but did wander down to play for a bit.

Due to it being so warm the fire department cooled down the kids for a bit.  G and Z had a blast playing in the fire hose sprinkler.

So my next race will be a 1k fun run but after that is my first 10k which I am super excited for.

Weight: 123.7 (+0.2)

Calories: 1,410

Run streak: 16 days

Next race: Running of the Bulls 1k 7/8/17


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