June 2nd and 3rd training runs

I didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday so I am doing a 2 in 1 today.  First up is yesterdays run.

It was a big mistake to try and run in this heat.

G, K, and I all set out to run the 30 minutes that was scheduled.  K quit first at less than 1/4 mile.  G made it to 1 1/4 miles or so.  I made it to 2 miles before I had to add in some walking.  I did do 3.53 miles in 40:10 so it was an ok run for being 90° F out.

Today we woke up early to try and get our run in before it got too hot out.

It was still warm but I did it anyway.

I made the 3.15 miles in 30:28 and made it with no walking.  G quit at around 1.5 miles and K didn’t want to come with.  We also forgot our selfie because we were in a rush to get home so we could go on our hiking trip.

I like to go hiking and D has a thing for waterfalls so that is what we normally go to see.

We did catch some cute Harry Potter Dobby graffiti so that was fun.  Someone is a good painter in that town.

Oh and I got a new toy today.

D and I bought each other tablets for our anniversary this month.  We have both been wanting one for a while and finally decided to just buy them.

Weight: 122.1 (-2.7)

Calories: 2,160

Run streak: 9 days

Next race: Stop the Trafficking 5K 6/11/17


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