May 31st month review

Today G and I did week 8 day 1 of the couch to 10K trainer.  The workout was walk 5 minutes, run 28 minutes, and end with a 5 minute walk.  We did the 38:12 workout and made it 3.47 miles.  Tomorrow we hope to beat that number.

After we ran we had G’s Dr appt for a med check which went well.  I am so glad that G is feeling better and is getting back to being his old self.

So today is the last day of May and I have my monthly recap.

I ran 28 days this month most of which were with G by my side.  I went 87.34 total miles which gives me a year total of 508.74 miles.  I am still keeping my goal of an average of 100 miles a month.

I wonder what I can accomplish in June if I keep working as hard as I am right now.

Weight: 126.8 (-2.6)

Calories: 1,502

Run streak: 6 days

Next race: Stop the Trafficking 5K 6/11/17


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