May 30th training run

G and I are back to being running buddies today!

We did week 7 day 3 of our couch to 10K training program.  We are officially half way done with our training.  Today we walked 5 minures, ran 25 minutes, and walked another 5 minutes.  We did 3.19 miles 35:11.

Our pic is post shower because I forgot to take one after our run.

My sister talked me into signing G and I up for another race today as well.  I am such a sucker for races.  So far this year I have done 5 races and am registered for 10 more.  I need to quit doing so many because I am going broke in a hurry lol.

Tomorrow we start week 8 in 15° warmer weather hopefully we can make it.

Weight: 129.4 (+0.7)

Calories: 1,584

Run streak: 5 days

Next race: Stop the Trafficking 5K 6/11/17


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