May 28th training run

We got home from our weekend trip this afternoon and what’s the first thing I did?

Yup that’s right got a water and used the bathroom but after that I changed and went for my run.

It started out bad because I forgot my headphones but I went anyway.  I got 3.15 miles in 31:26.  I hydrated properly so I actually managed to run the whole thing.

It was so worth it.  Tomorrow I hope to get out earlier before the day gets way too hot to be able to get a good run in.

So I have a question for everyone.

Does this happen to anyone else?  I now have 300 ish miles on these shoes but the holes happened at 200 ish miles.  It sucks that this happened to my favorite shoes before they are worn out due to miles. 

Weight: 127.3 (+4.1)

Calories: 2,717

Run streak: 3 days

Next race: 6/11/17 5k


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