Pose Method


So I volunteered to do a review on the YouTube channel Pose Method.  You can find them on youtube Pose Method

It is only $4.99 a month us but does have a 15 day free trial to check out.

They have tons of videos that I have been spending my free time watching the last few days.

Treadmill running videos that I didn’t watch because it is nice out and I love to run outside.

The flexibility routines are a huge help and have a ton of information to help me with my running.

Strength is a needed info as well.

Speed I mean who doesn’t want to run faster?

Agility for those pesky dogs that everyone seems to encounter on their runs.

All and all it is a decent program for any type of runner from experienced to newbies.

This is a review for Pose Method they gave me access to the videos for free but the review is my opinion of the program.



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