May 26th training run

Today’s run sucked.  This is my first summer as a runner and today it got to 77°.  I was only going to do a 5k so I thought that I would be ok without any water but boy was I wrong.  I started doing walking intervals at around 2 miles and just couldn’t get my pace back.

Everything said and done I went 3.15 miles in 29:08.  I plan to do better tomorrow.  I also plan to carry water with me tomorrow lol.

I found a replacement run for my June race that was moved to July so I am kinda excited about that.  I also found my September race So for the rest of the year I have at least one race a month.  What sucks is that with the Bubble Run moving to July 30th I now have a race every weekend for 4 weeks straight and the first one is my first 10k.

Weight: 121.9 (-0.9)

Calories: 1,705

Run streak: 1 day

Next race: Stop the Trafficking 5K 6/11/17


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