May 8th training run

G and I finished week 2 of Zen Labs Couch to 10K training today.  We made it 2.34 miles in 31:24.  Not as far as yesterday but tomorrow is another day to try and do better.

Tomorrow we will start week 3.  G is nervous but I know that he can do this because he has done it before.  I am so proud of my training partner.

We are looking into doing a 10k race together in October.  I just need to find the money to pay for it.

Oh and my Stride box came today!  I love getting something special for running in the mail.

Just look at all of those awesome goodies to try out on our coming runs.

Weight: 124.1 (+2.0)

Calories: 1,630

Run streak: 4 days

Next race: Donut Dash 5K 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method


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