April 30th month review

Today’s 3.15 miles in 28:45 rounded out April for 2017.  It was a very hard month with G being in the hospital for a week I blew my goal for trying to run every day of the month.  I plan to try for that goal again in May.

In April I ran 28 days out of 30 for a total of 113.29 miles and that includes one race that G and I ran together.  I ran in the rain, snow, and wind.

May restarts trying for my goal of running at least a mile every day.  I hope to be able to succeed this time.

My year to date millage is 421.4 miles and my goal is 1000 miles for the year.  My secondary goal for the year is to run at least one race a month and so far I am keeping that one as well.

Calories: 1,546

Weight: 124.8 (+3.1)

Run streak: 10 days

Next race: Donut Dash 5K 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method


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