April 27th training run

G is having a hard time dealing with his depression and anxiety today.  He is struggling with “being different” than the other kids.  I told him that being different is what makes him special and unique bit he doesn’t believe me.  If anyone knows how to help him with this please let me know.

So…he was cleaning his room and didn’t want to come for a run with me today so I went by myself.  I did my 10k interval run and only got 3 minutes slower than I did last time I actually ram the whole 6.25 miles.  So my total time was 1:03:06.  

Even with walking a mile of this run I still managed to get a 10:06 average minute/mile pace.  Tomorrow is another 5K day so I have that to look forward to.

Weight: 121.7 (-0.2)

Calories: 1,630

Run streak: 7 days

Next race: Donut Dash 5K 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method


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