April 17th training run

My heart is broken.  G attends a special school.  It is a mental health partial hospitalization program mental health facility.  G suffers from depression and anxiety and as a result has suicidal thoughts.  Today things took a turn and they admitted him to a full hospital program.

I left work 2 hours early in tears to meet my baby at the hospital.  Visiting hours are from 9 am to 7 pm.  So I stayed until 7 and made the hour drive home without my baby.  This is his first stay away from home without mom or dad and he called me at 8:30 in tears.  So after he said goodnight I went for a stress run.

I personal bested by 20 seconds.  I wanted to go farther and faster but I know that it is a bad idea as well It is impossible to out run stress like this.

I will probably go out for another run before visiting G tomorrow to try and calm myself before I see him.  I want/need to be strong for my baby right now.

Weight: 123 (+0.6)

Calories: 1,300

Run Streak: 19 days


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