April 15th training run

So once again G is at his dad’s so he couldn’t run with me so K and Z came with me.  K is 16 and Z is 3 so we had to push the stroller which sucks.

Anyway we did our 10K intervals of run 1 1/4 mile; then walk 1/4 mile, run 1 mile for the rest of it.  So we actually did 6.25 miles.  We made our loop in 1:09:57 which is only 4 minutes off of our last interval run without the stroller so a respectable time.  I do enjoy running with all of my children so the stroller isn’t all that bad.

We even got the post run sweaty selfie lol.  Z actually just woke up on this pic.  She fell asleep at 1.5 miles or so and woke up just after we finished.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday so getting out for a run is going to be difficult but I am not going to let my run streak go that easily.

Weight: 121.3 (-0)

Calories: 1,300

Run streak: 17 days

Next Race: Donut Dash 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey


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