April 11th training run

G was not feeling the run today but he came out anyway.  He took a few short cuts so he maybe ran 1.25 miles today but hey a run is still a run.

I made it the full 3.15 miles in 30:02 so not quite under the 30 minutes I hope for but I am getting close.

Tomorrow we will do 5 + miles for our interval run so I know that I won’t break that barrier then but I might on Thursday.

We did get a post run selfie to show off all of our hard work.

Yup I realized by 1/4 mile in that I was way over dressed but I didn’t want to stop and take my jacket off so I just pulled up my selves and dealt with it.

I also finished the Running Home by Alisha Perkins book.  G has now started reading it because she talked about using running to help her with her anxiety problems and that’s what G struggles with as well.  If you are looking for a running book that talked about other issues as well I suggest picking up this book.  I got my copy from Amazon.

I have now started reading a book that she mentions at the beginning of Running Home called Hanson’s Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey.

Weight: 121.5 (-3.0)

Calories: 1,440

Run Streak: 13 days

Next Race: Donut Dash 5/13/17

Reading: Hanson’s Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey


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