April 10th training run

G was feeling a little sore after our race yesterday so we only went for 1.57 miles today.  We made it in 14:56 so we know we have the ability to get a 5K in under 30 minutes but have yet to achieve it in a race.

So today is #MetalMonday so I thought that I would share mine with you.  I don’t have a fancy metal hanger for them so they hang off of the knob for my closet lol.

I love this pic because you can actually see all 6 of them in the one photo.

I also counted my bibs and got pics of those too.  First up is 2016 with 8 race bibs.

For 2017 I only have 4 so far.

I am registered for 4 more races so far this year so that stack will grow much bigger before the end of the year lol.

Weight: 124.5 (+2.4)

Calories 1,585

Run streak: 12 days

Next Race: Donut Dash 5/13/17

Reading: Running Home by Alisha Perkins


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