Goldy’s Run

Today was my 4th run for the year and G’s 3rd.  But, this was only the 2nd race this year that we ran together.

We were up by 6 this morning to be ready to race at 8.  The race is one of those big ones where you gave the 15 minute porta pot lines and pay parking so we wanted to be there early to get all of that squared away so we could be ready to race when it started.

We did get a pre race photo with Goldy Gopher so that was exciting.  I am still trying to figure out if my shorts are shorter than his or not lol.

So the stats are 3.15 miles in 30:19.  That is a personal best for G.  The last race that we did together was new years day and we got a 31:24 so we bested by 1:05.  I am so proud of my little guy.

Weight: 122.1 (+0.2)

Calories: 1,540

Running streak days: 11

Next race: Donut Dash 5K 5/13/17

Reading: Running Home by Alisa Perkins


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