April 7th training run

What an awesome day I am having today!  Ok I did have to work but I work outside and it was 55°F and sunny so that was good.

So I have a Milestone Pod on my running shoes that I use to track my biometrics (foot strike, leg swing, gate, etc).  It is just a little foot pod that attaches to my shoe laces.

Anyway they had a contest yesterday for runficiency and I made the top 10.  I got the email about it while I was at work today so that made me feel awesome.  When I got home I checked out their page and I won!!!  What did I win?

I won 2 more pods (G has been asking for one), Saucony running shoes, and the thing that I am most excited about a NATHAN backpack.  I have been wanting a running backpack for a while now and am super excited to own one.

Ok so about our run…we did another 5K today.  Not our best time but we did do it in 31:36 or 10:08 min/mi.  

We plan to go for a short mile or two run tomorrow to keep our running streak alive but other than that a hike or something to make our step goal but that’s it before our race on Sunday.  Both of us are super excited to do Goldy’s Run.  

Weight: 123 (-0)

Calories: 1,320

Run Streak Days: 9

Reading: Running Home by Alisha Perkins


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