April 5th Training Run

Today G was still a little sore so we did some intervals.  We ran 1 1/4 mile, then we walked 1/4 mile and ran 1 mile for the rest of our run.  We went 6 1/4 miles before we had enough.  On the up side we made our run in 1:09:06 which is an average of 11:03 a mile.  We even snapped the post run selfie lol.

We had G’s First Communion class at 6:30 tonight so it was a good thing that we didn’t decide to do a longer run.  The down side is that we finally got dinner at 7:45 and that always throws off my morning weigh in.  šŸ˜ž  To make it worse we were in a hurry and lazy we got a Hot-n-ready from Little Caesars.

I hope to eat better and run the whole 5K tomorrow.  The best part about a slacking day is there is always a tomorrow to try and do better than you did today.

If there is anything else you would like me to share about my running and weight loss journey please ask.  The way I started was asking Google tons of questions because none of my friends or family are runners.  Sometimes things are hard when you feel all alone so let me be the first to say welcome new friend we can do this together.

Weight: 125.4 (+0.4)

Calories:  1,450

Reading:  Running Home by Alisha Perkins


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