April 3rd training run

Today I start my running blog but not my running career.  I actually started running last fall while my son G was at football practice and I wanted/needed to do something other than sit on my butt on Facebook.  I started with a Couch to 5K app on my phone and went from there.

So far this year I have done 3 5K races and have my 4th planned for this Sunday.  G and I will be running this one together so we are very excited to do that.  If you are wondering we are doing Goldy’s 5K in Minneapolis, Mn.

I am just making a come back from a hip injury than has been bothering me for a few weeks.  As a result of that I had been running intervals to try to keep my base line activity level up.

Today’s run was my first in 3 weeks that I ran more than 1.5 miles without taking a walk break to nurse my hurt hip.  Today I made it to 3.15 miles before I called it quits.  Ok I had my cheer leader/drill instructor G with me pushing me not to quit.  Man 10 yr old boys have too much energy lol.  Anyway we did those 3.15 miles in 31:00 so I am super happy with our time.

Tomorrow we hope to do it again but with a better time.  Our goal is to beat our last 5K race time of 31:28.  I think that we can do it.

I figure I should add this…

Weight:  127.2 (I was at 167 when I started running)

Calories eaten:  1,520

Reading:  Running Home by: Alisha Perkins


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